The Center will hold a training for new peer counselors late summer/early fall. this spring.  Do you have a caring ear and an open heart?  Want to help seniors in need and at the same time broaden your social network?  Consider becoming a senior peer counselor!  Go to the peer training section below for more information.
                     OVERVIEW OF OUR PROGRAMS 
     The Center for Successful Aging provides a variety of programs to assist seniors to maintain their independence and integrity. Starting with its senior peer counseling program that offers support and assistance to seniors through individual and group sessions, the volunteer staff works with any senior needing assistance with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. The staff has access to over 90 community agencis where seniors can be matched with the services they need.
     Second, the Center has a CareLine Telephone Reassurance Program where its volunteers provide daily calls to seniors living alone and wanting a friendly call each morning.  This free service is available to any senior wishing to participate.
     Another program we offer is our Pet Therapy Program. Many seniors enjoy the contact and love that a dog provides. Seniors taking advantage of our counseling programs can have the added benefit of their counselors being accompanied by their dog to the sessions.
      Some seniors need assistance in their homes to complete daily chores and activities. The Center’s Real Help Program matches seniors with providers who can be employed to run errands, help around the house, do grocery shopping, gardening, light cleaning or making meals. All vendors are vetted by our staff and charge $18-20 per hour.  To take advantage of these services, contact Jamie O'Toole at 965-1531.
      Lastly, the Center has a senior newspaper called “Successful Aging” where seniors can read about important issues affecting their lives, see what activities are coming up and be exposed to useful health and safety tips. It is published quarterly and distributed to over 100 sites in the greater Santa Barbara area.  If you have a need for any of these services, feel free to call the Center at 898-8080 to get more information.
New Peer Counseling Training Class

     CSA offers two training opportunities for seniors wanting to volunteer in our senior peer counseling program. One training prepares volunteers who want to provide one on one counseling to seniors in need.  The second class option trains seniors in co-leading support groups in a variety of facilities in our community.  No prior counseling experience is necessary to enroll in either training group. We look for seniors with a listening ear and caring heart to become involved with us.  Along with helping others you have the opportunity to join a welcoming community of 30+ volunteers.  
      The next training will focus on group counseling skills.  It will be led by the Center's Executive Director, Gary Linker, Ph.D. and will take place in late Spring. Each group's tuition is $150 with partial scholarships available. Contact the CSA office at 898-8080 for more information.  The CSA office is at 228 E. Anapamu St, Suite 208 (near Garden Street) in downtown Santa Barbara. Best to call before hand and make an appointment.
Support Us

CSA gratefully accepts your tax-deductible donation. Contributions of any amount go toward providing senior peer counseling, peer counseling training, our CareLine Program and Real Help. You can donate online at this site under the donation tab or you can mail your contribution to:
Center for Successful Aging
228 E. Anapamu Street, Suite 208
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 898-8080-off 
(888) 347-0150-fax 
Your donation is much appreciated! 

 CSA Board of Directors
 The Center has a dedicated and hard working seven person
Board of Directors. They are:

Bobbi Kroot, President
LaShon Kelly, Secretary
David Graff, Treasurer
Kevin Bourke
Nancy Gomez
Sharon Kennedy
Rochelle Rose
Center for Successful Aging Helps Seniors and their families

  • Senior Peer Counseling-individual counseling on a sliding fee scale
  • CareLine Telephone Call Program
  • Pet Therapy Program
  • Real Help
  • Successful Aging Newspaper
     The Center for Successful Aging (CSA) offers critical mental health and counseling services to seniors facing serious illness, loss of a loved one, isolation from family and friends, transitions to assisted living and other trials of aging. CSA is one of the most pro-active organizations in Santa Barbara to ensure seniors achieve healthy aging. We provide senior peer counseling, senior peer support groups and educational initiatives that promote the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health of seniors in the Santa Barbara area. Peer counseling services are charged on a sliding scale basis for individual counseling.  Services are free for low income individuals. Group sessions are free to all.
     The true uniqueness of CSA’s program lies in the fact that all the counselors are seniors. Talking with someone who has gone through the same life struggles is the critical piece in creating mutual understanding and bonding. CSA provides the training in basic counseling and empathetic listening skills to seniors who want to make a difference by volunteering their time helping other seniors. CSA reaches out to clients in their homes, often providing counseling services to those who are housebound because of physical limitations. Often it is hard to tell who benefits most, the counselor or the client. We also offer both counseling and support groups to clients at many sites, including long-term care facilities, senior centers and other locations in Santa Barbara.
     CSA provides assurance that the Santa Barbara community does care, and that seniors do not have to go it alone. With trained volunteer counselors available to help deal with everyday problems, seniors of all backgrounds and economic status, can stay connected to their community and continue to live independent and emotionally rewarding lives.