Please join us for 2 exciting events in March, 2019!
On Saturday March 2nd from 3-5 pm, you are invited to the Rincon Events Center in Carpinteria. We will have a jazz concert featuring the top performers in Santa Barbara, including Tom Buckner, Chris Judge, Tom Lackner, Randy Tico and George Fridenthal. Shawn Thies will be providing vocals. As a special treat, Cynthia Thurber will perform as well. Dancing, food and wine for just a $100 donation.
Then on March 24th from 2-4 pm at a beautiful George Washington home in Montecito, Gil Rosas will return for a solo concert. This special event is limited to just 30 people and will include a delicious buffet, all for $150 per person.
Contact Bobbi Kroot at 805-452-5900 for reservations for both events.