About the Center for Successful Aging

The Center for Successful Aging's mission is to promote the social, physical, emotional and spiritual life of seniors and families in our Santa Barbara community.


For over 30 years we have been achieving this mission by providing 200+ seniors each year with emotional support and guidance via our peer counseling and support programs. As a direct result of our programs:


  • Seniors of all backgrounds and economic status get the help and support they need to live more dignified and positive lives.
  • Families get the guidance they need to better support their loved ones, whether locally or from afar.


We are very proud of the impact we are having on seniors' lives every day, and we are working diligently to continue to expand our reach to those in need.


What Our Clients Have to Say

“My counselor is the one person who really listens to me. My (weekly) session with her is the highlight of my week.”


- Home-bound senior 

“I enjoy so much sharing and listening to others … this is the family I never had.” 


- Participant in weekly support group


"I have had success in my journey through the aging process due to my connection with the center and my counselor."

- Senior who was navigating grief


Our Dedicated and Amazing Team

Along with the generosity and support of our donors, the work that we achieve at the Center for Successful Aging would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our staff, our diligent board, and our continuously growing group of senior volunteers. 


Our Staff

Gary Linker, Ph.D.

Clinical Director

For the past 45 years, Gary has worked as a Marriage, Family Therapist. While his role for the Center for Successful Aging is part-time, Gary has had a tremendous impact over the course of more than twelve years, working tirelessly to help seniors and their families in our community.

Our Board

La Shon Kelley

Board President

La Shon is a long standing member of our philanthropic community. Along with her role with our organization, she is also a board member with The Cecilia Fund and the Santa Barbara Breast Cancer Resource Center.

Gayle Golden

Board Member

Gayle served as the Administrative Director at CSA from 2009-2012.  She recently returned to Santa Barbara and joined the board in 2020.  With her legal background she has provided expertise in a variety of ways.

 Lynda Fairly

Board Member

Lynda had a long and successful career as an educator and administrator at Santa Barbara City College.  In her most recent position she was Dean of Adult Education. Lynda brings great experience and expertise to her service on the board.

Sharon Kennedy

Board Secretary

As owner of Sharon Kennedy Estate Management, Sharon serves as a professional fiduciary for her clients. She is very active in our nonprofit community, serving also on the boards for the local Alzheimer’s Association, the Association for Senior Care, and The Cecilia Fund.

Bobbi Kroot

Board Member 

Bobbi is very active in our nonprofit community. She was the board President for the Center for Successful Aging from 2009-2020. She is also active in the non-profit community as well.


Our Volunteers


Our 35+ senior volunteers are what make our services and programs possible.



give 5+ hours a week of their time


have been with us 5+ years


are 65 years of age or older